Join Phoenix The Mindful Tiger and his Rainforest friends and discover how this young, shy tiger went from grey and white, to rainbow.

Participants head out on the magical, interactive storytelling trail around the estate. You will learn all about Phoenix’s journey and the friends he makes along the way – from a tiny butterfly to a giant elephant.

Once you have completed the trail has been completed, you will take part in five activities. The activities are centred around the lessons Phoenix learns on his journey.

  • Trails are taking place from Saturday 22 October to Friday 28 October
  • Time slots for the trail are to be booked in advance (hourly slots available from 9.20am to 3.20pm)
  • Arive 10 minutes before the start of your trail time
  • Meeting point is at the Heritage Café
  • The trail and all activities will take place outdoors
  • Dress weather appropriately and ensure you have suitable footwear for walking on different paths, including mud
  • Toilet facilities are available across the estate
  • Food and drink will be available to purchase


  • Child – £17.98
  • Adult – £5.80
  • Carer – free (please select free ticket option)
  • Children under the age of 2 – free (please select free ticket option and indicate how many children under 2 will be attending)

All tickets include access to the storytelling trail followed by five activities. Tickets can be purchased via Eventbrite.

Once Upon an Imagination Ltd have created the beautiful story of ‘Phoenix The Mindful Tiger’ on behalf of ROAR Wellness who are experts in mental health, wellbeing an mindfulness.