The long abandoned riding school space at Walton Hall and Gardens was brought back to life as a public event space back in 2017.

The building was constructed in the latter part of the 19th century and consisted of stables and equestrian training facilities. After the sale of the Walton Estate to the council in 1938, the building was used to house ancillary fire engines, while troops were billeted in the stables during World War II. After the war, the building was used for storage by estate workers and slowly fell into neglect, becoming unsafe for use. 

space for hire
If you’d like to enquire about hiring the old riding school for an event then please email the Walton estate office.

However since this little known space, tucked away beside the canal at the back of The Stables, was restored in 2017, it has become the monthly venue for the Warrington Artisan Market, hosted by Warrington Market. It’s also hosted cinema nights, indoor ice skating food festivals, proving to be a valuable space for the public to use and enjoy as part of the wider estate.

Trade at the Artisan market
Find out more and apply to be an approved trader for Warrington Market events.