Education for you

Education is essential to us at the Children’s Zoo, and we offer a wide range of educational events for a variety of groups, including:

  • schools
  • youth groups
  • home educators
  • disability groups 

We’re also pleased to tailor events to your group’s need, so please contact us, and we’ll do everything we can to make your day go smoothly!

Zoo tour

Our guided tour of the zoo allows you to get closer to the animals and visit some of their enclosures. You’ll meet Rocky the chicken, our herd of African pygmy goats, Jemina the duck, Snowy the rabbit and Buddy the ferret. We design our tours to fit in with the National Curriculum and focus on how animals use their senses, including predator and prey relationships. However, we can be tailor these tours to suit your class. We’re very flexible and will run events during the day or evening, whichever is more convenient for you.

  • Session lasts 45 minutes
  • Group size – 35 max
  • £3 per child
  • Minimum fee of £45 (15 children)

Zoo tour – meet and greet

The same as the zoo tour but more suitable for younger groups or groups with disabilities. These sessions focus on introducing our animals to the children, and giving them a chance to stroke them and say hello. All education talks can be adjusted to meet the needs of your group.

  • Session lasts 45 minutes
  • Group size – 35 max
  • £3 per child
  • Minimum fee of £45 (15 children)

Keeper experience

Our keeper experience is education at its best. The children will learn about the basic needs of our animal’s, about their hygiene and feeding. It’s a chance to get their hands dirty and experience what it’s like to look after our animals.

We’ll split the children into groups to clean out a stable each (no more than five children in a group). We’ll then go on to say hello to our African pygmy goats and other zoo animals.

For the experience to run smoothly, we’d advise that two responsible adults remain to help supervise the groups along with our rangers. We’d also definitely recommend old clothes if you want to book this experience. It can get mucky!

  • Session lasts 90 minutes
  • Group size – 15 max (age 5+)
  • £100 per session

Additional extras

We also offer additional extras to help make your trip extra special. A warming hot chocolate or cooling ice cream (depending at what time you come in the year) can be pre-ordered via the Heritage Café.

Please note: We reserve the right to alter the animals used in our zoo tours. We will change events slightly depending on the needs of your group. However, whatever activities we undertake, they’re all suitable for groups with disabilities.

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