Walton Hall and Gardens is home to the Cycle Museum, owned and run by cycling enthusiast, Paul Adams. 

Paul is a pretty big deal when it comes to cycling. For example, in 2004, The Duke of Kent, representing The Transport Trust, presented him with a Highly Commended Award in the form of a Restoration Certificate. Then in 2018, Paul was awarded the Freedom of The City of London for his contribution to cycling history! Kudos.

The Cycle Museum

Located in the Old Laundry Rooms, situated close to the Main Hall, the museum attracts visitors from far and wide. Since many of the 40 bikes on show carry significant historical and local interest, it’s unsurprising. But besides historical interest, many of the exhibited bikes have been displayed at national events, including various photoshoots over the years. 

Famous bikes at the Cycle Museum

If you’re visiting the museum, you’ll be able to view a Hobby Horse, a Bone Shaker, several Penny Farthings and Safety Bikes, with a great selection of lightweight racing and touring bikes including a George Whitlow (a renowned Runcorn frame builder). There’s also Johnny and Ruth Helms’s bikes – Johnny drew the cartoons featured in Cycling Weekly for 63 years. In addition, there’s a hand built bike by Rex Jones. Rex Jones was a bit of a Warrington legend who owned and ran a bicycle shop for over 50 years.

The Shergold

There’s also another gem housed inside the museum. Invented by Gloucestershire boot-maker Thomas Shergold in 1878, and thought to be the world’s first rear wheeled chain-driven bicycle. With the original at the National Transport Museum, not on view to the public, why not come and see the only replica of the fabled…Shergold bicycle.

Follow Paul

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Opening times by appointment, for further enquiries please contact Paul on 07930 882 569.