Walton Hall and Gardens will reopen on Monday 1 June 2020

Did you know that Walton is home to a cycle museum?

Located in the Old Laundry Rooms, situated close to the main Hall, the museum continues to attract visitors from far and wide! 

Such is the passion for all things cycling that museum owner Paul Adams has achieved some fairly prestigious accolades; in 2004 The Duke of Kent, representing The Transport Trust presented him a Highly Commended Award in the form of a Restoration Certificate and in 2018 Paul was awarded the Freedom of The City of London for his contribution to cycling history!

Over the last few years Paul’s collection has been condensed mainly due to changing venues within the estate. However the museum still boasts over 40 bikes, many of which carry significant historical and local interest with the museum continuing to supply bikes to national events and photoshoots across the country. 

If you’re visiting the museum you’ll be able to view a Hobby Horse, Bone Shaker, several Penny Farthings and Safety Bikes. There’s also a great selection of lightweight racing and touring bikes including a George Whitlow (a renowned Runcorn frame builder), Johnny and Ruth Helms’s bikes (Johnny drew the cartoons featured in Cycling Weekly for 63 years) and Rex Jones’s very own hand built bike (Rex owned and ran a bicycle shop in Warrington for over 50 years and was very well known in and around Warrington being a very good friend of the museum). 

Did you know that the museum also houses the only replica of the Shergold bicycle? The original is at the National Transport Museum and isn’t on view to the public.  

The Shergold bicycle is surrounded by mystery as it isn’t documented why a boot maker from Gloucester, Thomas Shergold, would venture into the world of bicycle manufacturing! The original machine dates from 1878 and is regarded as the world’s first rear wheeled chain driven bicycle!

Why not come and see what else is on display…