In 2017, we were successful in gaining Heritage Lottery Funding to transform the Conservatory Range and Shippon into a place of learning.

Our close working partnership with the Friends of Walton Estate, Myerscough College and the Walton Lea Partnership was essential in helping us to gain funding for the £3.5m transformation. And we think you’ll agree that the results from this magnificent piece of heritage restoration are nothing short of amazing.


Myerscough College

Myerscough College is one of the UK’s largest land-based colleges, offering a wide range of courses and apprenticeships. A popular choice for students from across the North West, with centres in Preston, Liverpool, Blackburn, Manchester, Myerscough can now add Warrington to that list too.

As part of the project the stable yard, once occupied by Lady Daresbury’s prized Kerry cattle, has become classrooms and offices, with the historic conservatory and vinery now used as a teaching, growing and display space. In short, Myerscough has been integral to the development of the new learning centre at Walton Hall Gardens.

A great place to learn

Myerscough is one of the top land-based and sports colleges in the UK for student success rates. It boasts phenomenal levels of student satisfaction following the teaching, support and guidance given to students. For students working towards their GCSEs, the College also offers a range of entry-level courses along with A-Level equivalent Level Three Diplomas, ideal for progression to university.

Similarly, Myerscough offers fantastic opportunities to learn at their new Warrington campus, our very own Walton Hall and Gardens. Students have the chance to study horticulture, animal care and foundation learning. There are also opportunities to carrying out project work on the Walton Estate and in the Children’s Zoo as part of their course.

So, if you’re interested in learning at Walton Hall and Gardens, visit Myerscough College also regularly hosts Saturday Advice Mornings at Walton Hall and Gardens throughout the year. 

Myerscough gallery

Walton Lea Partnership

Learning and social enterprise

Walton Lea is a registered charity providing supported learning, development and supported work activities for adults and young people with learning disabilities and complications caused by: 

  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder 
  • Mental health challenges  
  • Mobility difficulties 
  • Early-onset of dementia 
  • Syndromes including
  • Down, Fragile X and Williams
  • Social exclusion

Walton Lea Partnership is based at Walton Lea, just around the corner from Walton Hall and Gardens, and has eight social enterprises. These include retail, horticulture, woodwork, floristry, recycled furniture, recycled bikes, craftwork and the Walton Lea tea room. Indeed, everything that Walton Lea Partnership make, grow, or up-cycle in these different enterprises they sell to support the Charity.

Walton Lea project mission statement

As part of the restoration of the glasshouses the Walton Lea Partnership now delivers learning support from the Conservatory and Shippon area of Walton Hall Esate. Learners work to help maintain the estate and take on projects such as planting beds around the gardens.

Best of all, plants nurtured from seed, and other aspects of their social enterprise are available to purchase on-site.

For more information or to volunteer with Walton Lea Partnership, please visit the Walton Lea website.