Our Children’s Activity Pack showcases and celebrates the heritage and culture of Walton Hall and Gardens estate.

This pack builds on the massive success of the National Lottery Funded glasshouses project. Since the hugely successful glasshouse restoration, we’ve been planning other exciting ways in which to promote and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Walton Hall and Gardens. Enter the Children’s Activity Pack.

Introducing farmhands, stable lads, stud grooms and of course Lord and Lady Daresbury themselves, this pack is chock full of history, culture and fun.

Activity pack

Our primary focus was to develop a pack for our younger visitors to explore the whole of Walton Hall and Gardens. With the aid of the National Lottery Heritage Fund, and designed with our partner Countryscape, the activity pack celebrates the lives and livelihoods of Walton’s famous occupants Lord and Lady Daresbury as it takes you through every zone of our lively estate.

Stepping back in time

So, step back in time and meet Reg Turner, the stud groom, whose job it was to look after Lord Daresbury’s horses and 17 other stable lads! See if you can help him spot the difference. After you’ve met Reg, there’s Tom Rowe, the odd job man. Help him recreate old photographs or take his crossword trail as he wanders from the conservatories up to the hall. What about playing human bowls? Yes, it did exist – let Gilbert Daresbury (the younger) guide you through the rules.

Perhaps human bowls are too raucous. What about designing a flower? Help Lady Daresbury grow her unique collection by designing your own. There’s nature hunts, crosswords, quizzes and puzzles that will interest all ages with culture brimming from every page. Trust us, it’ll keep your little ones enthralled. We promise.

How do we know? Easy. These packs have passed the litmus test. With the help of local school children and Brownies who helped test it out, we’ve got the ultimate seal of approval.

Get yours

These superb guides are available to buy for just £3.50 from the Heritage Cafe (cash only) or the games hut (Adventure Golf).

Or, you can simply download a pack right now. Happy trekking.

Activity Pack
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