Yesterday we sent an email to all attendees for our July 9 Mr Stink theatre performance.

Here’s what we sent:

Unfortunately, the government’s decision not to lift restrictions on the 21 June as we had hoped has forced us to rethink the delivery of several upcoming events. Following discussions with Heartbreak productions and public health England, the performance of Mr Stink on Friday 9 July can go ahead as planned but with a reduced max audience of 300. Since 500 tickets have been sold, this means that, unfortunately, not everyone who purchased those tickets will be able to attend.

So, like other venues with similar issues, we’ll run a ballot to determine who out of the current 500 attendees can attend. If you don’t make the ballot, we have two choices for you. Firstly you have the option to move your booking at no charge to the second performance of Mr Stink on Friday 3 September. Secondly, if you can’t make that date, you’ll be entitled to a full refund. We fully appreciate the disappointment this will cause to many of you and offer our sincere apologies.

Ballots will be drawn today, after which we’ll alert you via email. If you’re unsuccessful and have not told us what you’d like us to do by close of play 1 July – we’ll automatically refund your ticket.

We do apologise for the massive inconvenience but hopefully this way of doing things will satisfy everybody.