Over the weekend, the English Civil War Society showcased a weekend of living history at Walton Hall and Gardens. As part of this, there were separate military and civilian areas demonstrating activities. All of which were associated with the army and their families in the 17th century.

Visitors were able to walk around the living history site and talk to members of the society. They were demonstrating crafts and skills such as bread making, embroidery, swordsmithery, musical instrument making, and performance. A drill and battle re-enactment also took place. It represented the battle of Winwick Pass, fought in 1648. It included a display and commentary, creating an immersive experience for visitors. The main arena was set up on the lawn in front of Walton Hall, where the re-enactment and drill displays were showcased. At times, cannons and muskets were used to demonstrate artillery practices which created loud bangs.

This event has been held at Walton previously as part of the Country Fayre. Ths society has also held events at other venues across the country. The people taking part are fully trained and have the necessary professional skills and knowledge. They ensure the experience is as authentic for the members of the public as possible. They provide all the relevant risk assessments and also liaise with Cheshire Police in advance of any event regarding the safety of equipment being used in the re-enactments.

Signage was displayed around the arena to let visitors know that loud noises were to be expected at certain times throughout the day. There was also a PA announcement and staff on-site to advise people who had any queries. Our zoo rangers were aware of the plans. They expressed no concerns for the wellbeing of our animals as similar events have taken place at Walton for many years previously, with the animals suffering no adverse effects.