Staff, partners and students at Walton Hall and Gardens have come together in their different socially distanced educational bubbles to say #Thankstoyou to all of the players of the National Lottery. It’s your support that’s helped to fund their great classroom and learning environment at Walton Estate.

For over a year now, we’ve been host to students from Myerscough College and Supported Adult Learners from Walton Lea Partnership. Last September, with thanks to the National Lottery Heritage Fund, we re-opened the stunningly refurbished glasshouses and Shippon yard. 

Brought back to life

Unfortunately due to lockdown, the buildings are temporarily closed. Nevertheless, when you’re enjoying a peaceful and healthy walk around Walton estate, make sure you stop and peep into the conservatory. You’ll see ongoing work including planting, an array of carefully tended cacti and some very intricate and much-loved heritage crafts. There’s also banana plants, birds of paradise (Strelitzia) and the original statue – all of which people remember from visits between 1945 and the 1980s. A trip down memory lane for some of us. 

However, the work isn’t solely based in the conservatory. Myerscough students work daily with our zoo rangers feeding, cleaning and caring for our animals in the Children’s Zoo. While Walton Lea designs and maintains the display bedding opposite the conservatory and the pots in the Heritage Yard. They also lend a helping hand to other estate wide projects too.


But these developments are also #Thankstoyou, the players of the #NationalLottery. Your continued support has brought back to life one of Walton’s prized assets. Councillor Tony Higgins, who launched the completed refurbishment, is so proud of what our community has achieved. This new area for events, concerts, celebrations and weddings is back where is belongs – right at the heart of the Jewel in Warrington’s Crown.  

So, why not make a point of popping over and having a look around next time you’re at Walton.