Adventure golf to re-open soon.

We hope you’ve been enjoying the recent good weather. Perfect weather for adventure golf isn’t it? Well, after months of uncertainty (and let’s face it we’re not out of the woods yet), things are slowly returning to normal at Walton Hall and Gardens. Perhaps, you won’t have much longer to wait…


Earlier this month, we re-opened the Children’s Zoo and Playground. Before that, way back in June, we re-opened the park and grounds too. So, slowly, slowly, we’re heading in the right direction.

Next steps are to re-open our outdoor activities. We’ve understandably had lots and lots of phone calls, emails, and Facebook messages asking us the same thing – ‘when is the adventure golf going to open again?’ To which we’ve said over and over – ‘soon…’ 

Well, we’re delighted to announce that the golf will indeed be re-opening next week. We’re not committing to a day just yet as there are still one or two issues we need to iron out before we deem it safe to re-open. However, one thing we’re positively sure of is that you’ll be able to challenge the kids to a game next week. 

Adventure golf details

There are sure to be safety questions on everyone’s lips. So, for all of you keen golfers, we’ve drawn up a bulleted list to let you know what the experience will entail. 

Which is as follows:

  • Payment by card preferred
  • Social distancing will be in operation. Signage has been erected around the facility
  • A socially distanced queuing system will be in operation
  • Face masks are optional as this is an outdoor activity
  • The golf equipment will be sanitised after each play
  • We’d ask that you remain patient as it may take longer than usual to safely serve customers and allow for the return of equipment
  • We can only allow groups of 4 or less
  • Refreshments will not be available as before. However, they can be purchased from the ice cream vans situated close by or via the Heritage Cafe.


So, hopefully, we’ve answered all or most of the questions you might have had. We’re going to be working over the weekend to ensure everything is ready for the coming week. We’ll let you know it’s open via social media, our website and via email. You can subscribe (below) to our email at any time to receive updates, event notifications, special offers etc.

Have a great weekend, and don’t forget the suncream!