This summer, we’ve gone entirely alpacacrackers with over 140 walks with our alpacas available for you to book. For those of you who have walked one of our little alpacas before – you know what to expect. If you haven’t, then what are you waiting for?

On our walks, you will get to lead your very own alpaca as you take a morning stroll around our beautiful hall and gardens.


Meet Mally, the loner of the group and tends to be somewhat nervous. He’s a fussy alpaca and so far will not take treats! Because he doesn’t like treats, it makes him harder to train and get used to human contact. So while Topaz and Jim come and accept treats, Mally hangs around at the back, watching. However, once he’s on a lead rope, he’s a very laid back alpaca and seems to enjoy being walked by our more nervous students or those with additional needs.



Or you might prefer Topaz. He’s the leader of the group and the most confident and prettiest alpaca with beautiful long eyelashes. On our alpaca walks, Topaz likes to take the lead. However, he can also be very cheeky and will push in and steal treats from his chums. His favourite treat is cabbage – what a strange chap! Topaz is the alpaca who’s most likely to show his displeasure and is the only one of the three who will spit when we give him treatments such as injections or vitamins!



Maybe our Jim might be the alpaca of choice on your next expedition? Don’t tell the other alpaca, but Jim is our favourite! He began life at Walton as a grumpy soul and was the most likely to have a quick kick. However, after spending a lot of time with him, he’s now the most friendly alpaca who loves attention! Jim’s favourite treat is carrots – he can see very well in the dark!!
While Topaz is the prettiest alpaca, Jim is the scruffiest! He’s always mucky and muddy, and his fringe always looks flat. Show alpaca are meant to be a solid colour, and Jim has a ginger stripe on his neck. He also has chunky legs!


Booking our alpacas

Whichever alpaca you pick, this is a wonderful way of getting to know all about the history of Walton Hall and Gardens from our super Rangers, as well as taking in the gardens in full bloom this summer.

Unfortunately, these walks are only suitable for walkers eight years and above, and if you’re booking children onto the walk, an adult must accompany them.You can find more details on our do’s, and dont’s in our alpaca walks section.

So, what are you waiting for? Limited spaces with our alpacas remain – book your space now!

Alpaca selfie

Walk an Alpaca


These are really popular events. When you see a free slot then book it quick!

Cost of Entry: From £30.00

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