Have you ever had a round of golf at Walton Hall Golf club before? 

If not, why not? With manicured greens, beautiful fairways, mature trees standing like sentinels all over the golf course – this is a course that’s both challenging and demanding.

Super municipal 

For a municipal course, we think you’ll be more than pleasantly surprised at the complexities and challenges it provides. At 6800 yards this course made for golfers of all levels. The scenery is pretty decent as well (massive understatement) with great views of the Cheshire plains from the elevated 13th tee. The course is ideal for the tranquil passing of an hour or two with friends or family, and best of all you won’t have to break the bank to play either!

Twilight time

We’re running a special offer for twilight golf every day from 4 pm for just £10.00. Though it’s now September, there’s still enough daylight before night sets in at around 8 pm to take advantage of this super-duper offer!

Our basic green fairs for 2018/19 are as follows:

Weekday –

  • Adult – £15.00
  • Senior – £13.00
  • Junior – £13.00

Weekends and Bank Holidays –

  • Adult – £19.50
  • Senior – £15.00
  • Junior – £14.00

If you’d like to play with a pro (Class AA PGA to be exact), then you can book a lesson by contacting Paul Hodgson on 01925 263061 or emailing him at [email protected]. If you’d prefer you can always roll up at 1.30 pm on Saturdays throughout the year.

Come on, root out those clubs, dust them down and get into the swing again – let’s have you channelling that inner Tiger – Woods and Irons are the name of the game. 

See you around!