With the help of Countryscape and the Friends of Walton Hall Estate, we’ve developed three Walton walks around Walton Hall and Gardens and the wider village. With the estate so steeped in local history, it’s fitting to promote the legacy of Lord and Lady Daresbury, especially since it’s still so evident all around. 

Lady Daresbury

The first of our Walton walks takes in the beautiful assets of modern-day Walton Hall estate that Lady Daresbury helped to shape. She was a bold and accomplished woman, and from flowerbeds to the conservatory range, her imprint is still firmly upon Walton Hall and Gardens. Some of her plants and trees are still growing around the park, including the stunning pink azaleas.

  • Walk length – 1150 metres (1360 with optional route)
  • Suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs with the exception of path indicated on the map with a dotted line
Walking with Lady Daresbury
Walk down memory lane with Lady Daresbury, and take in the wonderful sights of Walton Hall and Gardens

Lord Daresbury

Gilbert Greenall inherited Walton estate in 1894 and alongside his wife Frances, transformed Walton Hall and Gardens. Receiving a peerage for helping the First World War effort, the influence of Lord Daresbury is all about the estate. Explore the park on this walk, from the stables to the hall, and discover the lasting legacy of Lord Daresbury.

  • Walk length – 955 metres (1250 metres with optional route)
  • Suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs
Walking with Lord Daresbury
Follow the Lord Daresbury trail to explore and discover the lasting legacy of the Greenall family

The Model Estate

Walton village and much of the surrounding area, including the pub (the Walton Arms) and even the church were either redesigned or built by the Greenall family in the 1880s. Indeed, large parts of the village remain unchanged and would still be recognisable by locals from the last century. So why not take a leisurely stroll around the village and pinpoint some of the Greenall landmarks.

  • Walk length – 1470 metres
  • Suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs
Walton Village Walk
Take a trip down memory lane and get a flavour of village life back when the Greenalls and their staff lived on their model estate