Ahhh Christmas, it creeps up every year, doesn’t it? Which is strange, given that’s it’s on 25 December every year!

Perhaps like us, you’ve been belligerently marching past that festive aisle in the supermarket since October. Or, better still, you’ve instantly flipped channels when the perfume and aftershave adverts begin in earnest. But, no matter how long we manage to put Christmas off, it catches us up and gives us a right old fright when we realise it’s only three weeks away (at the time of writing). 

However, rather than becoming overwhelmed by the festive season, how about we embrace it instead?

‘Christmas’, President Coolridge once said, ‘is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas.’

Hear, hear, now, that’s a Christmas we could all do with this year. 

That’s why we’ve chosen SIX heartwarming festive films to help get you in the mood for Christmas, starting THIS weekend.

Our team studied extensive ‘Christmas top 50’ film lists and compiled classics that will tug at the heartstrings, warm the soles of your feet, and help us all rediscover the meaning of Christmas.

There’s Kevin and his dialogue with Old Man Marley. George and his realisation that his life has meaning in ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’. Buddy the elf and his hilarious New York mission to find his real dad, and let’s not forget the superb adaptation of a Dickens classic – everyone’s favourite festive film – ‘The Muppet Christmas Carol.’ 

There’s something for everyone this December; bringing you nostalgia, family time, memories and classic entertainment all wrapped up inside our rustic Riding School. 

Christmas food 

Now, it wouldn’t be Christmas without a little festive nosh to go with our seasonal classics…

The Heritage Cafe will be serving a range of hot and cold snacks to enjoy during these films. Along with the usual cinema fare, they’ll be ‘Artisan Hot Dogs’ served in white rolls with all the trimmings, ‘Loaded Nachos’ served warm as well as ‘Individual Pizza’s’ with mozzarella, prosciutto and chargrilled red peppers. 

For the over 18’s there’ll be a selection of alcoholic drinks on offer, including mulled wine, mulled cider, and boozy hot chocolates with whipped cream. 



All aboard’ and in the words of Tiny Tim – ‘God Bless us, everyone!’