Warrington Council have taken the following stance on keeping parks and public spaces accessible for as long as possible during this coronavirus pandemic.

Here’s the full statement:

‘All Warrington parks and gardens will remain open until further notice. 

We ask all residents to ensure that they are following the national guidance to work from home and to stay indoors where possible. However, we understand there will be occasions where you will want to leave your house to get some fresh air and stretch your legs. If you visit a park or garden, we ask that residents continue to follow the two-metre social distancing advice. 

If you use play equipment at any park, please wipe it down before and after use, if you can do so. The council will also be regularly cleaning play equipment.

At Walton Hall there will be more significant control measures regarding entering the Children’s Zoo and the adventure golf is also closed until further notice. Again, please ensure you are following the social distancing guidance at all times.

The safety of our residents is and will always be our biggest priority. This is a time to support others by following the recommended preventative measures.’

Coronavirus event cancellations

Here’s our current list of events that have had to be cancelled as a consequence of coronavirus:

  • Gilbert and Sullivan Opera – FOWHM – scheduled for 25 March
  • Mayoral Ball – scheduled for 3 April
  • Walton Hall and Food Festival – scheduled for 18 – 19 April
  • Hayley Parks (Piano) – FOWHM – scheduled for 24 April
  • The Mayors Charity Ghost Hunt – scheduled for 26 April
  • Flashback to the Forties – scheduled for 16 – 17 May
  • All alpaca walks – if you’ve made a booking you’ll have been notified by email and fully refunded
  • All other zoo events including:
    • 1st Moore beavers – 26 March
    • Adelaide heath academy – 1 April
    • Appletots – 3 April
    • 1st sandymore guides 7 May
    • Rimrose C of E Primary 7 May

As addressed in the above Warrington Council statement, we’ll be closing the following until further notice:

  • Adventure golf
  • Walton Hall Golf Clubhouse
  • Cycle museum 

Heritage Cafe

The Heritage Cafe closed as of 22 March until further notice. Lewis Bros who operate the Heritage Cafe have also withdrawn their resident Ice Cream van from the park in light of the current crisis. 

Other commercial closures

  • Thomas Land Train
  • Turner Art Studios

We want to reiterate the importance of social distancing if you visit Walton Hall and Gardens, and would encourage all high-risk groups to stay at home.

There will be more event cancellations, which we’ll announce very soon. 

Stay safe,

Walton Hall and Gardens