Making a day of it…

Now that the country is beginning to open up again, why not come and make a day of it at Walton Hall and Gardens?

It would seem from how busy our website is that a lot of you are interested in finding out more about our attractions and what we have open for you to enjoy while you’re here. The answer is – quite a lot.


In the build-up to Easter, we’ve been receiving many inquiries recently about different attractions and when they’ll be opening up.

Spring is coming

With the tentative announcement from Downing Street on Monday, we’ve got reasons to be hopeful at Walton Hall and Gardens. We know that the governments 4-step plan is a provisional one and open to change should the national situation change. However, the official program to ease the country out of restrictions does give rise to optimism. Spring is coming…

National lockdown

From 6 January 2021, England is set to go into another national lockdown. There aren’t many changes to the restrictions we’d already put in place, following the government’s tier 4 implementation last week. However, to clarify […]