For those of us who missed the great outdoors during the recent lockdown, never fear. Here’s a unique window on wildlife seen through the lens of Andy Gilbert, a member of the Friends of Walton Hall Estate. A daily visitor to the gardens as he walks his dog, we think you’ll agree, there are some corkers here.

With his camera at the ready, Andy is always on the lookout for a good wildlife snap. And, who could blame him? His pictures are outstanding.

During the lockdown, Andy very kindly set up a shared folder for us to use some of his pictures on our social media, which we did, and often. Some of his photographs were taken inside Walton before it closed. Others he snapped within the vicinity of the park, after the park’s closure. Each photo has something in common. They’re fantastic.

You’ll have seen some of them on our social media perhaps. If you haven’t, we thought we’d document them here, so that you can enjoy them at your leisure. Pop the kettle on. Enjoy.

Thanks, Andy.