As you know, the COVID-19 pandemic is a global crisis few of us have ever seen the like of before, and we intend to keep our staff, volunteers and visitors safe during these anxious times.

In a meeting with management on 18 March, Walton Estate has made a series of decisions to ensure our park can stay open for as long as possible. We’ve taken into account the latest government advice; however, since this is evolving daily, ours will match up accordingly.

Firstly we’d ask everyone who is in high-risk categories to stay safe at home. However, we understand that even under current restrictions having access to large public spaces can be beneficial to your wellbeing. If you do come to the park, avoid doing so in large groups as per government guidelines concerning large gatherings.

Secondly, we’ve begun to cancel some of our events great and small following government advice.

The current list of cancelled events are detailed here:

  • Gilbert and Sullivan Opera – FOWHM – scheduled for 25 March
  • Walton Hall and Food Festival – scheduled for 18 – 19 April
  • Hayley Parks (Piano) – FOWHM – scheduled for 24 April
  • The Mayors Charity Ghost Hunt – scheduled for 26 April
  • Flashback to the Forties – scheduled for 16 – 17 May
  • All alpaca walks – if you’ve made a booking you’ll have been notified by email and fully refunded
  • All other zoo events including:
    • 1st Moore beavers – 26 March
    • Adelaid heath academy – 1 April
    • Appletots – 3 April
    • 1st sandymore guides 7 May
    • Rimrose C of E Primary 7 May

Our adventure golf remains open at the weekend but only for as long as is advisable. Should government advise change or more significant restrictions come into force, this too will likely close to protect our staff and the public.

Finally, the Heritage Cafe will remain open for the time being if you choose to visit. They too have put in specific precautionary measures such as:

  • Reducing the indoor seating and encouraging customers to sit outside on the benches provided
  • Hand sanitiser are available at the till point
  • The door of the cafe will be open, reducing the risk of germ transferal
  • Surfaces, cupboard door handles, condiment stands etc. are being thoroughly sanitised throughout the day. Cutlery has been removed from the stand, but can be requested at the till point
  • Customers are being asked to consider takeaway cups/bags and to dispose of all their rubbish (tissues, used cups etc.) in the bins provided
  • To minimise risk to staff, the Heritage Cafe is asking customers to consider using contactless payment methods instead of cash

We appreciate your continued support, but would encourage everyone to follow the latest government advice.

We’ll keep you updated with further developments as they arise.

In the meantime, please stay safe.

Best wishes,

All of us at Walton Hall and Gardens