Ok hands up, who’s excited for half-term? When we posted our first Facebook post advertising our half-term roller disco madness in December, we reached 23,000 people! 23,000 people! 

Reading through all 44 comments passed a happy half-hour, as people seemed to be over the moon that skating was coming to Walton Hall and Gardens for the first time. 


Ok, so who remembers skating when they were little? Who remembers falling over A LOT! 

Who remembers the thrill when you first pulled on those skates, thinking you we’re going to glide to school in 5 mins? (In reality, it took twice as long, as mum or dad patiently picked you up every two minutes, or in my case dragged you along behind, wheels barely touching the floor.)

Who remembers trying to work out how to stop? Who remembers careering into parked cars and setting off alarms and skating/stumbling away in a blind panic?

Ok, this could just be me. I realised pretty early on that I wasn’t the most graceful (or gifted) of skaters. Perhaps it was such a realisation that prompted me to hang up my size 3 boots a long time ago. I can’t remember! BUT, clearly I’m not alone in recalling the past and the thrill of putting those skates on again?

Actually, it looks like I’m just one of 23,000 people!


Now I’ve got a challenge for you all – I’ve booked my kids onto a slot (on Wednesday 19th of half-term) and will don my skates ONLY if other Dad’s and Mum’s pledge to as well! 

Don’t worry; our skating area is in a safe environment, honest. No parked cars, just lots of space to look foolish in! 

With early bird tickets available don’t miss out on this nostalgia-fueled event. You never know we may even throw one or two 80’s hits on to complete the experience.

Please note, if this challenge is excepted, I won’t be donning my size 3 boots again (for obvious reasons), you can hire them at no extra cost!

Happy skating, 

Frank, Walton Hall and Gardens

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