In the words of Monty Python –

‘And now for something completely different!’

A Beginners Guide to the Night Sky

We’re introducing a brand new event to Walton Hall and Gardens, and it’s one that has got us super excited! 

Introducing the ‘Night Sky’ event this November you’ll have the opportunity to gaze at the heavens with our resident astronomers Mike Jones and Robin Woodhouse. Coming to you on 20 November, get set for an evening that will leave you awe inspired at the enormity of the night sky.

Looking up, you’ll be reminded that we’re a tiny planet, perfectly placed in the heavens! Breathtaking – let’s just hope it’s a clear night!

We’ll be conducting this new event inside the newly restored vinery within the Shippon yard. What better way to study the autumn sky than inside our beautifully restored and back to its former glory!

Wrap up warm

If you like being outside in the chill, wrapping up with hat, scarf and gloves, coffee and some hot nosh, then this event is for you!

Refreshments are including in the price so you can have the complete autumnal experience. 


  • Adults: £15.00 
  • Kids: £10.00